Katrin and I are both very busy professionals and we live in the only county in New Jersey that doesn't have any public golf courses or courses that allow us to pursue binge golfing. Over the past ten years we have progressively evolved into the prototypical binge golfers. We will spend entire vacations usually two weeks in the winter and four weeks in the summer playing golf. Not once a day but a minimum of 36 holes per day. Our preference is to walk and our personal record is walking 72 holes in one day as described on the Memories page.

Wherever we play it only takes one or two days before the golf course staff begins to understand that they are dealing with an afflicted couple and that they are going to see us over and over again. Most often our hosts are amused, then amazed; since we are very courteous (tipping the 'bag boys' helps) and play very quickly - the staff is rarely irritated.

We dedicate this site to all the starters and greens keepers that have helped us get ahead of slower players and who have given us the first tee times, knowing that we love being the rabbits. With a cart we play 18 in 2 1/2 hours and on foot we play 18 in about 3 hours. It is the rare single player that passes us and we always either let them through or ask them to join us. We would particularly like to thank all the members and staff of the Marysville Golf Course in Marysville, Michigan for being so generous and welcoming of two avid golfers every summer.

If your golf membership is sitting idly or you know of golf courses that are open to binge golfers i.e. unlimited play or second round for half price or just the price of the cart - then please contact us to invite us.