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  We've played many golf courses but these stand out in terms of beauty, challenge, people we've met, or binge-golf ability.
  • California

    • Roosevelt Golf Course, Griffith Park: A unique experience of the best of golf, inexpensive, quirky, always busy, the most disparate group of golfers and golf swings you will ever see in one place. A few good golf holes in this 9 hole track but some spectacular views of LA and during evening hours the coyotes coexist with the golfers. Katrin learned how to play golf here and she also learned the beauty of the game and the spirit that drives those who play the game.
    • Three of the best golf courses in the world. Each on 17 Mile Drive and all very expensive but worth the experience.
    • Lost Canyons: This might be Pete Dye's best course, period. Beautiful layout and spectacular golf.

  • Florida
    • Hammock Dunes: The Pebble Beach of the East? Well not quite but a great track nonetheless and when the wind is up – keep the ball down or else.
    • River Course, Grand Harbor Joe Lee design that twists and turns through the Grand Harbor Resort. With wide fairways and lots of water and sand traps, the more you play this course the more you like it. The back nine can eat more golf balls then you would normally carry in your bag.
    • Grand Haven Golf Course: A very nice Jack Nicklaus design. Challenging and beautiful, very fun to play.

  • Michigan Gems
    • Marysville Golf Course: A public course that serves Marysville community. Situated along the St. Clair River it is common to see freighters cruising up and down the river. This is a very well maintained golf course with some classic golf holes. All shots are required or can be played; fades, draws, bump and runs. The holes are very well designed, simple, straight forward and well defined by trees. We think the staff and the members are great. They always welcome us warmly and do what ever they can to let us get off the first tee early so we can play fast. Many of the regulars even wait at the first tee to let us start ahead of them. When has that ever happened to you?
    • Four Lakes Golf Course: An amazing conversion of a gravel pit into a golf course. Some absolutely great holes and always challenging. One of the best kept secrets in Michigan. The best green keeper and daily course grooming that I have ever seen. Fast and true greens. The staff is great and the restaurant serves the biggest hamburger on earth, along with cold Labatt's Blue on draft. See the photo gallery for early morning scenes and no we did not drink the beer in the trash can photo. We only drink water or Arnold Palmer's (half lemonade/half iced tee) while playing.
    • Port Huron Golf Course: This is were I learned the game.... Rather where my parents made me learn the game. I can remember being in tears from frustration on this course when I was 12 years old. To this day, I still measure my game by how I play this short but tight course. This is our home for binge-golfing, we played our first 54 hole day here. Every year our reputation grows when we come into town.... There's the couple that plays ALL day. Some members are impressed, others are disturbed, the staff just shrugs and asks, How many rounds did the McIntosh's play today? The first time I played 36 holes in a day was at this course with my mother, my golf mentor. Katrin and I smashed that record about ten years later.

  • Washington DC area

    • Mount Vernon Country Club, VA My friend, Ihor belonged to this club for years. I played there so many times that the staff thought I was a member. A short course that rewards power fade drives, this course will eat you alive if you get greedy. This was the scene of the last time I ever threw a golf club. The wedge I threw after chilly-dipping a chip ended up stuck in a pine tree. The nine iron I threw up to dislodge the wedge also got stuck. That night, Ihor and I crept onto the course with a basketball, a football and a flashlight. The basket ball and the football both got stuck in same tree. Ultimately we found some rocks nearby and recovered all my equipment. This is also one my homes for binge golfing with Ihor and I walking 36 holes without question and 54 daylight permitting.
    • East Potomac Golf Course, DC This is the inner city municipal golf course. When I began playing golf as an adult (1980) the players at this course were dominantly African American. Jim Dent would play here when he was in the area. The wheel was used to match and start players on weekend mornings and fivesomes were common. High stakes gambling was the reputation and sandbagging was an art. You could see the ugliest golf swings that produced the most amazing results. The Park surrounding the courses was a drug market at nightfall and on weekends you could not believe what you could see driving to the course. Through the years the course was gentrified but remains a classic inner city track, A wide open, hit it as hard as you can course (Blue Course) that plays easy on a calm day but will challenge any golfer when the wind is up. It is a point of pride to call the “point” your home course in DC.
    • TPC at Avenel, MD The once controversial new home for the Kemper Open. When it opened Greg Norman said they should blow up the Par 3, Ninth hole. They did. Arnold Palmer aced the third hole two days in a row. A plaque was installed within weeks of Arnold's achievement. Instant history. I was a founding member of this course and maintained my membership until we moved to California.
    • Rock Creek Park Golf Course, DC
    • Langley Golf Course, DC

  • NY Metro Area

    • As you see - where we live has the least amount of listings - as we don't binge golf where friends or neighbors may recognize us!
    • Crystal Springs Golf Course Hamburg NJ
    • Seaview Golf Course
    • Centennial Golf Course
    • Spook Rock Golf Course, Ramapo NY A very nice course and we have always enjoyed the company of the players we have been matched with by the starter.

  • Scotland

    • Carnoustie Golf Links, Scotland: A landscape that makes you think you are playing golf on the moon... This is were you find Hogan's Alley and one of the most challenging and visually exciting links courses in Scotland. Awesome, golf at its absolute best. There is no copy of Carnoustie. It stands alone, intimidating and inviting.
    • Jubilee Course, St. Andrews, Scotland This is one of the other St. Andrews courses. Jubilee is an excellent links course and on the day we played the wind was so strong that the caddy said even a Scot would not play in this wind. I remember hitting a driver to a 150 yard par 3, straight into the wind. On the point the wind was so strong we could barely stand. The only thing wrong with this course is the fact that it is next to the Old Course, which we were able to photogrpah after our round as seen below.